What is Accountable for Health?

Accountable for Health is a nonpartisan national advocacy and policy analysis organization accelerating the adoption of effective accountable care. We aim to support policymakers to advance the movement in the health care system toward accountable care that achieves better outcomes, improved care experiences, increased access and lower costs.

Too often, individuals today experience care that is fragmented, duplicative, wasteful and confusing. Accountable care aims to improve the health care experience for real people, by encouraging care coordination, creating care teams that communicate with one another, and supporting individuals in their care journey with services that address their medical and non-medical needs.

Our Mission

To advance and advocate for policies that accelerate the adoption of accountable care that improves health care for all individuals and communities.

Our Vision

Widespread adoption of effective accountable care creates better health care outcomes and experiences of care across the country and across all payers and programs.

Our Goals

  • Increase understanding and awareness of effective accountable care reforms, and how they improve outcomes and care experiences for each person and population served, across all payers and programs
  • Accelerate adoption of accountable care so that every provider and patient have an effective accountable care option available to them
  • Facilitate and encourage transparent, predictable, sustainable accountable care contracting
  • Support standardized and transparent data, information and technology tools to serve as the foundation for accountable care

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