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September 10, 2024    
11:00 am - 1:30 pm


Our in-person quarterly meeting for policy-focused audiences in Washington, DC.

Email Mara McDermott for venue details or more information: mmcdermott@accountableforhealth.org

Registration is open.

Example of Agenda (from May 14, 2024 meeting)

11:00 amWelcome
Mara McDermott, CEO, Accountable for Health
11:10 amCMS Innovation Center Specialty Care Strategy
Ellen Lukens, Deputy Director, CMS Innovation Center
11:45 amBack to Basics: How in Person Immediate Crisis Care is Driving Innovation in Behavioral Health
Matt Miller, Chief Growth and Development Officer, Connections Health Solutions
12:15 pmLunch
12:45 pmUnique Challenges for Long-Term Specialty Care Models
Mark Japinga, Research Associate, Duke Margolis
Dr. Marc Gruner, Founder of Limber Health and a Sports Medicine Physician at Orthobethesda
1:30 pmAdjourn